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Dr. Musa Pinar

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Business Administration


Marketing Research

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-27-2023


This study investigates the attitudes and communication preferences during the home buying process from the perspectives of the local realtor's past and current customers. Overall, the study is designed to analyze various influential factors during all stages of the home buying process. The specific objectives are to: a) determine what general methods customers prefer to use during the home buying process; b) measure how customers currently use realtor services; c) determine the level of customer satisfaction with the realtor; d) determine the brand loyalty of their current customers, and e) identify the most effective communication methods with customers. A survey instrument was developed to address these research objectives, which was distributed to all past and current customers of the realtor via an email in Google form. After three weeks, unfortunately only 27 usable responses were received for analysis. The results suggested that the realtor should improve its website, some of the most used services, the agents' skills, and communication efforts. These efforts could lead to a greater brand reputation and customer loyalty. A positive agent-customer relationship contributes to a brand customers can trust. Also, the relationship between the agent and the customer serves as the most influential factor for finding loyal customers rather than the real estate brand itself. It is imperative that the realtor continues to offer great services and gain trust through positive agent relations.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

The team was composed of Meg Bell, Anna De Windt, Emily Rohman, Yui Shimizu, and Nikole Tzioufas. The individuals were junior and senior marketing majors in the College of Business. They were passionate about learning marketing skills and applying them to the real world setting. For the research, their goals were to create a meaningful survey tailored to the needs of the client and identify essential factors for the local realtor.