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Spring 2012


This research was the basis for a national campaign competition to raise awareness about childhood obesity, called the Bateman competition. As members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and Valpo's student-run agency SPARK, this campaign was affiliated with PRSSA and sponsored by General Mills and United Way. Research on childhood obesity was initiated in October, 2011 and the campaign was implemented throughout the month of February. The research established one particular disturbing fact – more than 70% of those who are obese during childhood will remain the same in their adulthood ( Therefore, by naming our campaign "Don't Weight!" the slogan encouraged children to start eating healthy and getting active before it is too late. The goal was to raise awareness about childhood obesity, survey the children on their eating and exercising habits, provide them with a healthy snack, teach them games to get active, and design a cookbook to encourage cooking with their families. After conducting the research, the team concluded that children are not exposed to enough information about healthy lifestyles.

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