Building Stakes Through International Tents: Strategies for Expanding Markets into the U.S. Market

Level of Education of Students Involved


Faculty Sponsor

Musa Pinar


Business Administration



Presentation Type

Artistic Presentation

Symposium Date

Winter 12-10-2022


Per the request of a prominent Turkish tent company, this analysis focuses on the market potential for their tent offerings when expanding into the United States market. The tent company currently offers various types of tents to meet the needs of different customer segments. Technology advancements enable tent companies to sell their products globally, which makes the tent business an extremely competitive industry. Tents may serve many purposes, ranging from single person camping sites to more expansive coverage for those needing treatment for illness. In recent years, notable changes in the tent industry occurred, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Analysis of the external, uncontrollable factors that influence the international tent industry and the United States market landscape provides insight into the potential entry. Based on analyzing environmental influences and potential target markets, the report offers suggestions to develop marketing strategies and marketing mix to be successful in the United States market. The team considers components of the marketing mix: product, place, price, and promotions. Although not a comprehensive list of considerations, the market analysis and recommendations will lead the Turkish tent company on the right path for international entry.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

  • Anna De Windt - Marketing major and French minor, 2022

  • Hannah Downs - Junior Marketing Major with a minor in supply chain management

  • Enza Frediani - Senior Maketing Major Communication and Supply Chain Logisitics minor from Lindenhurst, IL.

  • Isabell Sefija Duric - Junior International Business Major and Finance minor

  • Daris Visantyo - Senior International Business Major with a Marketing minor

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