Raman Spectroscopy

Level of Education of Students Involved


Faculty Sponsor

Paul Smith


Arts and Sciences


Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-27-2023


Valparaiso University has recently received NSF funding to purchase a Raman Microscope. In this presentation we will describe the data it can obtain for different research purposes. This microscope finds application in its ability to detect light which is scattered rather than reflected or transmitted. Based on the wavelengths and energy of scattered light, we can learn information about the molecular structure of a sample. We will describe the application of Raman Spectroscopy at distinguishing three different forms of etidronic acid towards identifying the best structure which binds iron. In part this is accomplished by comparing the hydrogen acid with its deuterated form. This application supports research at Valpo’s Solar Energy Research Facility.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

All of the authors have done research with Dr. Smith and has had background using the Raman Microscope for our research. We are currently using the Raman to identify different ions of etidronic acid by comparing the spectrum of etidronic acid with its deuterated form.

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