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Spring 2012


This project shadows the work of student groups in Math 110, a qualitative literacy class, engaged in exploratory learning exercises. An instructor monitors these groups by both walking around the room and observing group conversation at another computer. Our goal is to put this exercise online, and as a result leave the entire monitoring process up to the computer, assuming the role that the instructor traditionally assumes. Using labeling techniques to decipher meaning in dialogue of students working in groups for Math 110, we try to see how students collaborate to solve problems together. Bits of realization, conversation, and problem-solving tags are sorted out and gathered to identify the main points that are expressed during the problem solving of the two person game, Poison. Expanding upon previous research done by other students, we are able to add to bits of realization that students encounter in their work. One purpose is to explore the differences between voice-recorded dialogue and computer-mediated chat dialogue. By examining these transcripts, researchers can raise questions about what sort of content is discussed to solve a problem and prepare the computer to recognize bits or realization in students' work.

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