The Reading Struggles Post-Pandemic at the Primary Level

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Benjamin Boche, Ph. D


Arts and Sciences


Elementary Education

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-28-2022


As a nation, educators are starting to see the effects of school closures during the covid pandemic. According to researchers ar Stanford Graduate School "second and third graders were most affected," (University & Spector, 2021) Reading fundamentals early in education is imperative to success in learning content as students move into higher grades. Students start acquiring skillls and strategies for reading comprehension in 2nd and 3rd grade. Students who are not successful with reading comprehension will suffer academically and possibly even socially. In the year 2021, Stanford Graduate School said, "reading fluency in second and third grade is now approximately 30 percent behind what would be expected ina typical year," (University & Spector, 2021) When reaing fluency is down, reading comprehension is affected.

I have been doing my spring practicum in a third-grade classroom and decided to do action research on reading comprehension. I have chosen to research how to improve reading comprehensionscors due to the importance of knowing what the students read when they reach fourth grade and further. I have found several articles that stated that teaching students the skills to generate questions about the material they have read can help improve their comprehension of material. "Question generation is an important- comprehension-fostering and self regulating cognitive strategy" (Rosenshine et al., 1996)

This research presentation will focus on action research conducted in a third-grade classroom regarding the use of questioning to help with comprehending non-fiction texts. It will include data analysis done from tests scores before and after the action was put into place.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

My name is Christina. I am a mother and have seen how covid has affected the learning of my own children. I have been pursuing my bachelors degree in elementary education since 2018. I have earned a Technical Certificate in Education and an Associate of Science in Education- Elementary from Ivy Tech. I transferred to Valparaiso University in 2021 and plan to graduate in 2023. I aspire to teach at the second or third-grade level.

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