What behavior intervention plans best help/support varied kindergarten misbehavior?

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Selina Bartels


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Spring 4-28-2022


What behavior intervention plans best help/support varied kindergarten misbehavior? In my research, I follow a kindergarten student with varied misbehavior(s) and disruptions throughout a normal general education school day. The significance of my problem involves developing better behavior for said students to prepare them as they enter 1st grade, and will not receive the additional support that they do now. In my research, I developed a self-monitoring behavior plan on a worksheet/handout for my students where they rank their behavior through different parts of the day. The parts of the day include: unpacking/morning work, reading, recess, math, lunch, specials, and end of the day. The student and myself rank each part of the day through a smiley face, a straight face, or a sad face. Myself and the student verbally discuss the behavior during each part of the day after the lesson(s) conclude as well and the student colors in the agreed upon behavior. Additional notes can be added to parts of the day as well. The worksheet/handout is copied and one stays at school and goes home at the end of the day and must be signed by their guardian and returned to school the following day. My overall hypothesis is "Student(s) who evaluate their own behaviors will allow for more positive and correct behaviors to become more common and negative behaviors to be much less frequent."

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Full name is Taylor Nicole Smith. Graduating Valparaiso University in May of 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. Post-graduation I plan to teach early primary grades and through my practicum experience(s) I have observed many misbehaviors through students. I'd like to develop a behavior plan to ensure a positive experience and to encourage positive behaviors in future classrooms.

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