Faculty Sponsor

Peter Krenzke




Thermal Science

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-28-2022


In this study, I look at the impact a Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) has on the performance of a solar furnace. A CPC is a secondary reflector that can increase the intensity (heat flux) of the concentrated sunlight delivered by our concentrated solar furnace here at Valpo. Increasing the heat flux in the solar furnace makes it possible to reach higher temperatures and higher efficiencies in the reactor. I developed Monte Carlo Ray Tracing (MCRT) simulation to estimate how different factors affect what sort of an impact the CPC could have on the performance of a concentrated solar furnace. I present how the geometry of the CPC impacts the intensity of concentrated sunlight leaving this secondary reflector.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Nate has performed research related to concentrated solar for the past two years. At the time of presentation, he will have chosen a grad school to continue his education as a mechanical engineering PhD candidate. For Nate's future goals he would like to continue to work on challenging research problems related to sustainability.