Satellite Observation Scheduling Bazaar

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Dan White


Arts and Sciences


Computer Science, Engineering

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0000-0003-1976-9066, 0000-0001-8786-5952, 0000-0003-2484-4753

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-2022


SatNOGS is an open-source project which contains a database consisting of many satellites and observers, allowing ground station owners to manually schedule communications between it and overhead satellites, enabling the satellite owner to acquire data from the satellite. As it stands, the SatNOGS schedule relies entirely on observers manually scheduling satellites that are predicted to pass over the ground station. The project was tasked with providing the framework towards a more automated solution for the SatNOGS community, working alongside both the team at Valparaiso University and the SatNOGS developers. The proposed solution is a framework that will allow the individual owners of the satellites and the ground stations to make compromises allowing greater flexibility in the priorities of scheduling a job. This turns the current scheduling system into a more versatile and automated auction-style system defined by the user that removes the need for end-users to manually schedule individual overhead satellite communications.

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