Past, Present, The Future: Valparaiso University Research Society

Faculty Sponsor

Paul Smith


Arts and Sciences


Engineering, Meteorology, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Physics and Astronomy

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-28-2022


Since 1859, when Valparaiso University became an institution, we have strongly been a research-based university. For the past 163 years, Valparaiso University has strived in higher education with the balance and opportunity for each student to conduct research. As many departments have faculty members that have a handful of students conduct research, the question is how can students start their own research projects? The future is with Valparaiso University Research Society where the organization strives to engage students of all STEM areas, as well as the arts, to collaborate on research projects as well as create their own with fellow students and faculty members of various departments.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Tabitha Bartoe is currently a Junior majoring in Communications with Meteorology and Mathematics double minors. Tabitha is expected to graduate early in December 2022 and anticipates continuing her education at the University of Miami to receive her Masters of Professional Science in Broadcast Meteorology. Tabitha was interested in this topic as research has always been an interest and studying Meteorology inspired her to look into tornado sirens and how society responds.

Dylan Grace is currently a Junior double majoring in Computer Engineering and Physics with a minor in mathematics. Dylan's future goal is to work with Google and be a Computer Engineer. Dylan has been very successful in his studies and is the creator of the Research Society. While Dylan is very busy at times, he still has the opportunity to run several projects and organizations.

Oliver Vinovskis is currently a Junior majoring in Psychology. Oliver was interested in the organization because it is an opportunity to conduct independent research and collaborate with other students in many different ways.

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