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Jay Grossman




Civil Engineering

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-28-2022


The Valpo Transit Bus is a transportation option at Valparaiso University where students can request the bus at 23 different locations on campus ranging from the Gellersen Engineering and Mathematics building at the east end of campus to Wesemann Hall at the far west. This is a handy transportation option when it comes to traveling long distances on campus or when the weather is not ideal. This study examined the average time a student has to wait for the bus categorized by location and time of day. Data was collected by requesting the transit bus on the app and then timing how long it takes to arrive at that location once the request was made. This information will be used to inform student expectations on probable waiting times. Interviews with bus drivers were also performed to add additional information about the operational parameters of the service.

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Carly Schiene and Allison Yohanan are both sophomore civil engineering majors who took an interest in transportation on campus. The Valpo transit bus has always been a great option to travel longer distances on campus, especially during the colder months. We have personally taken the bus hundreds of times to beat the cold or just go for a ride. In our transportation class (CE-252) we were faced with conducting a research project to address real-world transportation issues. Naturally, we landed on the local predicament of wait time for the campus bus.