Campus Assessment of Parking Lot Occupancy

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Jay Grossman




Civil Engineering

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-28-2022


Parking lots provide an essential function for businesses and academic institutions.. Efficient, convenient access to buildings on the Valparaiso University campus is vital for commuters, residents, and faculty/staff. A parking study was conducted on the Valparaiso University campus in the fall of 2022 to review parking lots with the highest parking occupancy to evaluate if they provide enough capacity by day of the week and time of day. A total of nine parking lots were surveyed taking into consideration different parking space classifications (resident, commuter, faculty/staff). The lots studied were those with the highest traffic flow throughout the semesters. Data collection for this study was partially provided by the CE 457 Traffic Engineering class. The data was compiled,organized and graphed according to the day, time, and parking space classification. After analysis, an updated parking lot study proposal was sent to the Transportation and Parking office of Valparaiso University.

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Mary Busby is a junior civil engineering major at Valparaiso University. Angela Shebel is a junior environmental engineering major at Valparaiso University.

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