Evaluation of Pedestrian Safety Measures

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Jay Grossman




Civil Engineering, Transportation

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Leah Haman, 0000-0002-8136-8979; Evan Stock, 0000-0002-6345-0821

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-28-2022


To improve pedestrian safety at selected problematic intersections, the City of Chicago tested two devices to highlight the presence of pedestrians in the urban landscape: hardened center lines and curb line bump-outs. The City selected five intersections along the State Street corridor to implement these safety measures. The measures make drivers more conscious of pedestrians at intersections by widening vehicle turns which increases the visibility of pedestrian crossing and waiting areas. The bump-outs also provide pedestrian refuge areas and shorten the street crossing times. This study used video footage of the intersections to measure the effectiveness of the new measures. By evaluating the footage, researchers were able to determine the turning radii of vehicles and the drivers’ yielding behavior to pedestrians. This data was then compared to values taken before the installation. After evaluating both sets of data, the researchers found drivers made more cautious and controlled turns, ensuring safer interactions with pedestrians.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Leah Haman is a freshman civil engineering student from Bismarck, North Dakota. Leah's interest in transportation and safety inspired her to look into opportunities to research topics relating to this, and to develop her interpersonal connections through the university. In addition to research, Leah is on the executive board for WAVES (Working Across Vocations Everywhere through Service), a member of Society of Women Engineers, and is involved in her sorority.

Evan Stock is a junior civil engineering student from Green Bay, Wisconsin who has an interest in transportation. Since youth, Evan has taken an interest in construction and large scale infrastructure projects, and he currently spends his free time browsing maps and staying up-to-date with the latest transportation developments. In addition to engineering, Evan enjoys theology, writing, and people - a combination which inspires him to pursue a variety of career paths.

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