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Sarah Jantzi

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Arts and Sciences


Digital Media

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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-28-2022


Throughout history, music has been used to uplift the soul, create thoughts, and start discussions. Music’s ability to capture and express emotion is what my project aims to explore. Both the pieces I present have a similar concept in mind. The idea of how music makes me feel in times of happiness or anger. The idea that I introduce is of me vs me, which is seen in my digital pieces. This notion in my euphoric piece describes how I feel compelled to feelings of happiness when they present themselves but for anger, it’s not as clear, as it is a more complex emotion that has multiple levels. I’m drawn to face my rage and try to make sense of why I am feeling the way I am. I’ve drawn most of my influence from visual artist named Joseph Cornell and his work in assemblage. He used objects to create a visually stimulating art piece, that combined the movements of surrealism and assemblage to create a small space with lots of meaning. His use of space elevated the object it was housed in, the boxes that were otherwise only used for storage were transformed into something completely new. In conclusion, the boxes use a visualization of the feelings I experience when listening to music. The duality between anger and happiness is presented using self-portraiture and different textures. I’d like to end by saying thank you to source.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Studying digital media with a minor in business analytics. My love for music is what interested me in pursuing this project. In terms of working with Adobe products, I've had multiple projects that I've done using their software, I aim to learn more about adobe creative cloud programs in the future. I want to explore plaster as a medium further as well, as its rich textures convey lots of emotion.