How Organization Can Lead Students to Academic Success

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Selina Bartels


Elementary Education

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Oral Presentation

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Spring 2022


Elementary age students are sent home with multiple pieces of homework every day. Not only this, they also receive a numerous amount of handouts in class that they are expected to keep track of. Add all of those loose papers to a stack of books, notebooks, and other school supplies, and you have a mess on your hands for a large amount of students. This mess can lead to missing homework assignments, extra instruction time spent looking for things, and even damaged items. I propose that if teachers put more of a push for students to keep their desk space organized, this will lead to the students being able to pick up those organizational skills. This will then result in the students misplacing less assignments, therefore being more engaged during instruction time.

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My name is Emma Nieto, I am a senior Elementary Education major. In all of my field work, I have seen so many students with no organizational skills in the classroom. In my observation with this, I see those same students consistently missing assignments and not engaged in the lessons. I want to make sure that I am teaching my students that organization is just as important as academics, and it can help them with their academic success.

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