Welcome to Halidon, Mohiri E62

Faculty Sponsor

Sarah Jantzi


Arts and Sciences


Digital Media Art/Communication & Visual Art

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-28-2022


You must leave a dying Earth, and have no other choice but to take refuge on an alien planet that welcomes you but feels...unfamiliar. With nowhere else to go, how will you settle in this mysterious, cryptic place? What will you find? You have taken your first steps into the city of Halidon, the capital of Mohiri E62, and the natives of this world would like to know you.

"Welcome to Halidon, Mohiri E62" is a visual installation which combines my interests and love for design, animation and storytelling to introduce the viewers to this extraterrestrial world. Viewers will be exposed to advertisements, a news broadcast and a city view in a waiting room-like space as they learn about the world's advances and issues. Focusing on sci-fi elements, utopian/dystopian tensions and the feeling of familiarity vs. unfamiliarity, this installation aims to give viewers visual glimpses of an unknown planet and its people.

Giving the audience the role of refugees in a world that is "foreign" to them was done for the sake of building this "refugee experience" within a sci-fi setting. I want feelings of hesitance and discomfort to mix with the illusion of a "new beginning" and "endless opportunity" in a way that provides the audience with a premise but allows them to make their own judgment. It is up to the viewers to take in the visual information as they explore the sides to this alien world where everything and nothing is certain.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

My name is Samson Canchola. I am a Digital Media Art major who grew up in Hobart before moving here to Valparaiso. I've been interested in the arts ever since elementary school, and have grown to love digital art, storytelling, design and animation. (42) For future endeavors, I hope to be able to create plenty of my own projects, build my own brand and one day create successful animated movies and series.

For Artistic Presentations

I am presenting some of my project's material via a powerpoint.

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