Journey on Wings

Faculty Sponsor

Sarah Jantzi


Arts and Sciences


Fine Art

Presentation Type

Artistic Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-28-2022


My project seeks to explore the nature of storytelling, survival, and symbolism through the lens of the winged. I illustrate this through the language of oracle cards by using birds and arthropods as subjects to express these more nuanced themes and ideas. While there are a variety of symbols hinted at within each card, the uniting factor is how they function together, a manner of telling a story through otherwise independent, unique drawings. Also touched on in this project is the manner in which an observer might experience art, as seeing art with one's eyes is far different from the feeling of paper in your hands. While exploring my artwork, I encourage the viewer to notice how the images depict the animals interacting with each other and their environment in tandem with how the cards interact as a visualization of a journey's path.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Sabrina Searcy is a senior Biology and Art double major from Westfield, Indiana. She is fascinated by biology and environmental science and strives to connect her love for creating art with her love for nature. Beyond this project, she makes work related to animals, people, and how the two connect.

For Artistic Presentations

Powerpoint presentation ability would be preferred.

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