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Ben Holse

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Coming of Age and Education Essay

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Economic difference is frequently a key element that separates people. Members of different classes rarely engage with one another, which creates ignorance. Often people even shelter themselves from others' suffering, suffering that could be occurring in their own realm. This type of situation is similar to what Plato describes in his "Allegory of the Cave," in which he depicts a group of prisoners who believe they are viewing reality when, in fact, they are viewing nothing more than shadows of artifacts upon a wall. In terms of economics it is a fact that people suffer from poverty. This poverty is regularly ignored by those who enjoy financial advantage, creating a shadow of ignorance. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini shows that people who become exposed to economic indifference can dramatically change as a result. The book also illustrates Plato's metaphor when the privileged Amir is "dragged" out of his cave and discovers the harsh reality of his economic inequality.