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Tim Krieg

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Love and Friendship Essay

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Love can be beautiful, romantic, powerful, tough, disappointing, life changing or even a tool in life. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes; it comes in many different kinds of relationships and even in tender heartbreaking situations. When I say that love can be a tool, I mean that it can teach individuals in ways that otherwise they would have never learned. My grandmother was diagnosed with a disease called dementia roughly 4 years ago after her husbands' death. To be honest, the diagnosis really did not impact my life at all, because I was busy with my own issues. I was the captain of the football team and frankly I did not care about anything but just that, a game. After my senior season came to an end my priorities began to change when I got pushed into helping my mom out by splitting the time taking care of my grandmother, Ranny. This past year as I have spent countless hours taking care of Ranny, I have learned more about love than I could have ever imagined. After a grueling year of surrendering myself to Ranny and her needs, I have learned an unfathomable, unique and sacrificial kind of love that has altered my life in ways never imaginable before.