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Evan Akers

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Birth and Creation Essay

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A lovely young woman reaches for the newest hair-care product that promises to make her hair more beautiful than it has ever been. A doctor prescribes a new "miracle" drug for his cancer patient. A farmer harvests his genetically enhanced corn which makes its way to a cereal manufacturer. We often use products without considering their actual cost; not just the dollars and cents that consumers are willing to pay, but rather the actual cost of the new product. What do innovations really cost? New products are created every day and as consumers, we look forward to making use of these innovations. But, what do these innovations really cost? Are new products tested on animals before they can be released for human testing? Do products deplete the few forested areas that this world has left? Have some human beings died from using a product before it has been perfected? Have researchers and developers crossed the thin line which divides ethical and unethical procedures? All innovations come with some sort of sacrifice. Some new products do cause harm to animals and the environment. Some products do have a negative impact on the human race before they are improved and can benefit mankind. The Penobscot story "Corn Mother" and Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter" make very clear the importance of sacrifice in creation. It is apparent that sacrifice is a necessary part of creation.