The Valpo Core Reader


Lisa Yaeger

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Process Analysis Essay

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Every summer millions of Americans catch that sun· fever and flock to the beaches to spend relaxing hours enjoying the refreshing water and warmth of the sun's rays. Although the lifeguards are really there to prevent drownings, they are also ornamental showpieces for the resort area. Who can help but notice the luxurious tans that the lifeguards seem to acquire so easily? They are objects of immense admiration, the idols of the beach area, the envy of every white-skinned ghost who tries desperately to obtain some of that rich brown tint to his skin. Most people do not realize, however, the sheer agony these sun worshippers must suffer through before their tans become worthy of notice. Those first days of the summer can be torture if you are not well equipped to battle the sun for hours at a time. As a lifeguard having suffered the tortures of the sun, I have acquired some hard-earned wisdom that should help you to become a bronzed beauty rather than a big red lobster.