The Valpo Core Reader


Sonvy Waidler

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Description Essay

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I am sitting in the balcony of the chapel, close to the pulpit. It is a little past 2:30 in the afternoon. In the rear of the balcony a music student is sitting at the organ keyboard practicing. The teacher, a gray-haired man dressed in gray and black, stands behind her listening intently. Above the seated organist the pipes rise on three different levels. They are arranged in six groups and are of graduated heights. They reach upwards in sweeping motions. The pattern they make is like the rise and fall of ocean waves, with dramatic ups and downs. Most of the pipes are made of a metal that reminds me of pewter, a dull silvery gray, but with a soft glow or shine. A few sections of pipes appear to be made of wood and have a square shape instead of the round shape the metal ones have.