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Kristi Franson

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Definition Essay

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Margaret Mead defines a home as a place a person enjoys being no matter how long he or she is there. There is much truth in Mead's description, yet for me home has other associations and meanings as well. These meanings of home were sharpened for me for the first time when I went to West Georgia College. This experience of moving into a dorm was a new, exciting, and even an overwhelming adventure but more than anything else it led me to reflect on what home means to me. I came to realize that home is not merely a place where I like being or a place where there are other people I love being with. A home is not only a house with special rooms and windows, but rather it extends to the area of the town around the house. A home is a familiar place that has been known intimately and loved over an extended period of time. Above all, a home is a storehouse for memories.