The Valpo Core Reader


Edil Hersi

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Freshman Seminar Essay

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A pebble can live on the banks of a roaring river and think of himself as above his counterparts who live in small streams. He can boast that he is more experienced and well-traveled but may fail to see that he has no control over his life. It's the river that controls him and he is carried along with the current and, sometimes, he is even hurt by the turbulent waters that dash him brutally against the river bed. He can lose his individuality and can only go where he is taken and not where he wants to go. On the other hand, the pebble in the quiet stream is happier and more in control of his life. He takes his time and enjoys nature and his surroundings. He has less excitement but knows that he can eventually go to the larger river if he wants to. Meanwhile, he lives a healthy, safe, and more fulfilled life--physically, spiritually, and emotionally.