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Anita Bryant

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Freshman Seminar Essay

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Today in a little town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, my son and I sit in a small diner that my father took me to once when I was a little boy growing up. The diner's appearance had not changed much in the twenty-something years. It still had a red bar with metal edging and the matching red vinyl-covered stools. The booths matched the bar and they sat at the left side of the diner, across from the bar as you walked in through the entrance. No, it was definitely not the appearance but the atmosphere that had changed. The fact, or privilege, as some of the white folk thought, that my son and I were in that diner was definitely both a physical and a mental change. Back in the days of my childhood, my pop and I weren't allowed to be at this diner because we were colored and the white folk did not find it fitting for us to be in their company.