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Work and Vocation Essay

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Imagine. Individuals of every gender, race, class, and age entering and leaving a large attractive building at all hours of the day, each day of the week. Some anxiously hurry, lost deep in their train of thought. Others tread with a skip in their step, radiating joy. Still, a panicked handful is rushed by with the aid of others. The other side of the structure’s sliding glass doors reveals the sound of immaculate efficiency, a vision of foreign precision, and a combined scent of cleanliness, sickness, and injury. A sense of reverence quickly arises with the realization that here is where the lives of individuals are brought into and taken from the world. The unparalleled purpose that this domineering environment encompasses serves as a harsh reminder of an individual’s insignificance and vulnerability. This is the ultimate microcosm. This is Methodist Medical Plaza-South (MMPS), where Becki Renner, a Perioperative RN, has fulfilled her vocation in Indianapolis for the past nineteen years.


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