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Rich Kordus

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Narrative Essay

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I knew a four-year-old boy some years ago, and every once in a while I think about how he affected my life. He was not different from many other four-year-old boys. Often, he would do things that he was not supposed to do (but how many four-year-olds are angels anyway?) Going outside and playing while it was raining, then walking in the house covered with gray mud (which seemed to originate at the roots of his hair) did not make him a bad little kid. Yes, the mud did trickle down his body, and then ooze onto the kitchen floor, making him look like a mud monster from a horror movie, but that was all in good "clean" fun. Still, this boy did have a certain twinkle in his eye. It was the kind of twinkle which said, "Look out! I can get myself in a lot of trouble." This boy never went looking for trouble, but it seemed trouble would find him anyway. Maybe it was because he had an insatiable curiosity, or maybe because, more often than not, he did things he was told not to do.