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Allan Rowe

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Argument Essay

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Richard Pothier, a writer from Philadelphia, was dying of cardiomyopathy until he was saved by a heart transplant. An animal rights supporter, Pothier still feels that some medical practices on animals are unethical, but he also believes that the lives of animals are not equal to the lives of humans. If it had not been for experimentation on dogs and sheep, Pothier realized he would have died with his diseased heart still remaining in his chest. He understands fully the value of animal testing and experimentation since it was his own life that was extended by direct result of practices perfected on animals (Pothier 18). The example of Richard Pothier is one that exemplifies the main reason for all animal testing, to advance humankind. Without this type of experimentation, Pothier, along with millions of others, would have died prematurely.