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According to Paulo Freire, a person as well as the world is ever-changing and unfinished. The purpose of education is to let the learner achieve the highest education they could possibly want for themselves. In doing so, the learner should not only be learning about the world as it exists, but also as it changes. The method of learning that prepares people for this world is called the problem-posing method. This method is ideal because it teaches in such a way that the learner is not just memorizing or consuming facts, but using these facts and ideas to fully understand the concepts of the subject. In contrast, the method of just consuming these facts and ideas as they are being taught is called the banking concept, which is widely used in teaching children today. Although some people might say that the problem-posing method cannot be implemented in all subjects in school, I believe that it can be utilized in collaboration with the banking concept to better educate the youth.


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