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Maddy Boyer

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Restricted CORE Hall of Fame Paper

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[Excerpt] College athletes are most often hard workers in their sport and the classroom. They have many responsibilities to accomplish their goals of being a successful athlete and student. They are recruited to come to play for their school and study which is a great deal of time each week. But, these student-athletes do not earn a profit for the time they commit. This sparks the question, should college student-athletes be paid? These athletes are not able to get a job outside of their commitment to their sport due to the long practices and limited flexibility in their schedules; therefore, they have no source of income. Also, some athletes come from struggling families that would not be able to send them to college without a scholarship. How will these athletes earn money for other necessities if the only reason they able to attend college is due to their athletic abilities? The NCAA profits off of these talented athletes and it is unfair that they do not get a cut of the revenue; they do not get their just deserts.