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Emmett Twomey

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Restricted CORE Hall of Fame Paper

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[Abstract] This paper was inspired by the current election cycle and all the absolutely wonderful political advertisements that graced our televisions, radios, and web browsers. Because this was the first year I was able to vote, I wanted to explore an election topic that I didn’t know much about. PACs and Super PACs have intrigued me since I learned about them in my high school US Government class, yet I barely knew anything about them. This paper is about my (and the reader’s) journey through the history of these organizations and whether their very existence is beneficial towards US democracy. PACs and Super PACs alike were originally created to help elect candidates, but they have become political giants that can decide elections before Americans even receive their ballots. I hope as one reads this paper, they can begin to form their own opinion on the existence of these organizations, sparking arguments and discourse about them. Our democracy relies upon well-informed citizens spreading ideas through conversation and debate, and I hope my paper can be that source of argumentation for the audience.