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Caleb Yurk

Document Type

Restricted CORE Hall of Fame Paper

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[Abstract] In this paper I present research that includes perspectives on both sides of the affirmative action political fight from articles in academic journals. I researched this topic because I wanted to know both sides of the affirmative action political fight. I am conservative, and I know conservatives are against affirmative action, but I wanted to know why that is. I begin with a description of justice and what it means for an action to be just. I then provide context to the affirmative action policy in collegiate education in the United States, including history of the policy and basic procedural items. I introduce arguments in support of and against affirmative action policy influencing collegiate education as well as differing opinions on the effects that affirmative action has had on collegiate education. This section also includes research that analyzes the effects that affirmative action has on minorities in the collegiate application process as well as the educational experiences minority students have when accepted through affirmative action. I conclude with an analysis of the current state of affirmative action. This analysis led to the conclusion that affirmative action, as it stands today, is an unjust policy, but it should not be eliminated from American law; rather, it should be changed to eliminate the bias it contains and continue to influence American education.