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At a medium sized university with a small department of art and no specific art library, art majors and minors can feel that they have no place within the academic library. At Valparaiso University, a collaboration between the university’s Department of Art and library culminated in a Student Art Purchase Award. Faculty from both departments collaborated to create an experiential learning opportunity that includes the application process, production and finishing of fine art pieces on a professional level. This ongoing, annual, experiential learning opportunity culminates in a juried art presentation, and purchasing of art for a permanent art collection within the library. An exploration of the varied responsibilities that come with changing a space and the effects of new art representation within the space of the library will be examined from the student and faculty side. While not considered traditional collaborative space, both groups change the physical environment of the library space favorably.


This is a book chapter to be published in The Handbook of Art and Design Librarianship, 2nd Edition, late 2017. Paul Glassman and Judy Dyki, editors; Facet Publishing, publisher.

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