Is Their Foundation Solid Enough to Build On: An Investigation into the Information-Seeking Skills and Self-Efficacy Levels of New Nursing Students

Patricia J. Mileham, Valparaiso University
Kimberly J. Whalen, Valparaiso University


Researchers at a mid-sized, Midwest, faith-based university used a quasi-experimental non-equivalent control group pretest posttest design to gather data from newly enrolled nursing students in a baccalaureate, masters and doctorate in nursing practice program. Literature regarding confidence levels, self-efficacy and information literacy skills was reviewed. Specific tools to assess confidence and self-efficacy of information literacy skills were explored. The 28-item Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Scale (ILSES) developed in 2006 by Serap Kurbanoglu was used in fall 2012, spring 2013 and fall 2013 to gather data from over 200 newly enrolled nursing students. Analysis of self-reported information literacy skills and self-efficacy levels were analyzed using SPSS software. Reported changes in self-efficacy as a result of information literacy interventions were reported. Implications for the use of active learning activities and skills assessments within information literacy programs were presented.