Comparing Private Label Brand Equity Dimensions of the Same Store: Their Relationships, Similarities, and Differences

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This chapter examines the CBBE of two different product category PLBs of the same retailer, holding the retailer constant. Specifically, the study presented examines and compares the CBBE and its underlying dimensions and their relationships for Walmart's Great Value (grocery, consumable household goods) and Equate (beauty, health, pharmacy) PLBs. Based on a total of 421 surveys (270 for the Great Value brand and 151 for the Equate brand), the study found that 1) while consumers seem to have accepted PLBs in general, Great Value and Equate have lower levels of acceptance among consumers and 2) the comparison of models for Great Value and Equate brands displayed similarities and a few differences in significant relationships among the CBBE dimensions. The findings of this study provide important insights to the management of the retail stores to identify the areas for improvements and develop strategies based on similarities and differences of the two brands.


Book chapter in Improving Marketing Strategies for Private Label Products