Case —You Can’t Take It with You

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INFORMS Transactions on Education



Marsha is very excited about her upcoming retirement. Lately, she has had difficulty concentrating on anything except her next vacation. She has worked long and hard for this day, sacrificing immediate gratifications for long-term satisfaction. She is finally a millionaire and plans to live like one when she retires! She is not going to go crazy spending money on extravagant things but plans to be the level-headed person she has always been and only spend what she needs to maintain her current lifestyle. Maggie, her best friend, suggests she develop a plan to look more closely at what she can withdraw on an annual basis before signing papers that will finalize her decision. Marsha agrees that it is a good idea and told Maggie she will begin working on it that night. Marsha reminds Maggie that her ultimate goal is to have a zero balance in her account when she dies. After all, you can’t take it with you.