Faculty Perspectives on the Information Technology and Analytics Requirements of Business Students

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Issues in Information Systems






In order to prepare students to meet the challenges of today’s business world, students need to have greater skills in information technology and business analytics. However, business schools have a limited number of credit hours that can be required of students. As a result, committees and task forces that evaluate these requirements have difficult decisions to make. This study examines the number of credit hours that faculty believe should be required of various course work, focusing in particular on comparing the information technology and analytics requirements against those of other content areas. The authors collected 204 survey responses from business faculty representing 20 AACSB accredited universities. The analysis of the results summarizes varying perceptions of the number of credit hours that faculty believe should be required of topics ranging from business analytics, computer programming, Excel and Calculus to those of oral and written communication, human resources, project management, business ethics, and plus other core topics. We also compare differences in perceptions across faculty by business disciplines and by job titles and examine the correlation among the credit hour requirements to explore which requirements tend to be aligned with one another.