Internal Services brand Orientation: Comparing the Perspectives of Managers, Employees, and Customers

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Drawing from the literature, this research develops scale measurements to examine the relationships among internal brand orientation and its antecedent dimensions from the perspectives of contact personnel, managers, and customers of service firms. After building a survey instrument and pre-testing it, the researchers administered the final survey to the contact personnel, managers, and customers of a family-owned convenience store chain. The SEM-PLS analyses reveal significant relationships among the brand orientation dimensions. Based on the Three Promises and Services Branding Triangle framework, the ANOVA test indicates that external and interactive brand orientation gaps exist in the perceptions of personnel, managers, and customers, but not between managers and personnel. The study helps to fill an existing void in the brand orientation literature.


Presented at The Association of Marketing Theory and Practice (AMTP) Conference (Competitive Track), received the Best Paper Award in Marketing Management /Strategy / Branding Track, March 15-17, Ponte Verda, FL.

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