March 1974

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"Dear Brother:

It was hard to get started this time. I wanted to say something light-hearted ... how Betty had enjoyed her first Indiana winter, especially the great snow that swept over the west to the east at the turn of the year... the continual cloud cover that frustrated even the dream of seeing the comet... the history that spun for eighty-four days under the Skylab ... the brief days of a tempest in a teapot which had grown into Watergate. Perhaps, too, I had heard an echo of the laughter of God. It was in Psalm 2. It was the reflection of what God sees... kings and rulers of the earth, counting on their elections, constitutions, armies . . . taking counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed ... He who sits in the heavens laughs, but the important thing is that he calls it "derision," mockery, ridicule. The comforting feature lies not in the laughter but in the "scene," the King who still rules on God's holy hill, the Son crucified, risen, glorified, the call to "kiss" him and none other. Strange how the little threatened minority in Acts 4:23-31 discovered that Psalm again!"