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"Dear Brother:

A few years ago a British theologian spoke of the contemporary members of the church, and particularly pastors, as the "children of the afterglow." To a certain extent that is true. For much of our life and thought, also in the church, the sun has gone down and we live only in the long afterglow of a day of faith. At least so it would seem to us. So much so that we are tempted to substitute the quietism of twilight for the burden of the battle for God in one of the decisive hours of history. It is imperative for us, the living servants of the living acting God and a living acting church, to remember again and again our high dignity and consuming task, particularly in times of controversy over methods and procedures. We are the messengers of His coming. We have been given the strange magnificent power to relate our lives and the lives of others to the Incarnation, Passion and Resurrection, and the Exaltation of the eternal Son of God."