March 1952

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"Dear Brother:

When these few notes reach you, spring will have come again to our land. It is a good time to lift our eyes from desks and pulpits and sick beds to the hills, the warm winds, and the flowers of the field. Some of the best preachers I have known during the past 25 years have been remarkably close to nature. I remember that my grandfather in Perry County could see the daffodil in the comer of the cemetery long before anyone else in the parish. It is still true that God speaks in and through nature. What He says, of course, is likely to be understood only by a believing heart. A preacher, who must always live close to the pulse of life if he is to be any good at all, will certainly keep a discerning and sympathetic ear and eye for the marching of the seasons and the ceaseless turning of the earth under the sun."