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"Dear Brother:

If the unsung heroines of the typewriter and the mailing machine hold out, it is possible that you will receive these random notes shortly before Ash Wednesday. By the way, if you have any of these secretaries, typists, mimeograph girls, or other functionaries assisting you in the work of your congregation, have you ever stopped to say a word of gratitude to these noble slaves of the machine age? A few weeks ago a brother told me he takes time out from his other duties twice a year to write a personal note of gratitude to the people in his congregation who work but who have never stood in front and held major offices—the quiet secretaries, the sexton with the creaky shoes, the chairman of the house committee of the bodies Aid — the silent ones — the ones who do the work of Martha with the devotion of Mary. I am sure that a little note to them from their pastor once or twice a year will do much to encourage them in their work for the Kingdom..."