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"Dear Brother:

This time I may as well plunge right into the middle of things. I hope that you will not turn to the comic section until you have read these few lines.

You will recall that May 10, 1959, has been set aside for a University Centennial Thank Offering. It is becoming increasingly evident that this will be a very critical day in the history of our Lutheran university. In fact, I have been thinking of it lately as a day of judgment and decision. Suddenly it will decide some basic issues for us. A general and generous participation in the offering will enable us to make continued progress in all areas of our work - in admitting more sons and daughters of the Church as students, in raising the salaries of our faithful faculty, in beginning a modest amount of graduate work. It will lift a nagging burden of worry from our hearts. It will raise the entire University to a higher plateau of service at the very threshold of its second century."