April 1957

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"My dear Brother:

If our printer is not vacationing in Florida and the devoted slaves in the office have not succumbed to the flu, these comments should reach you sometime around Holy Week. Once more the twentieth century preacher is face to face with the greatest seven days in all history — the hours from Palm Sunday to the Festival of the Resurrection. We, more than anyone else in the world, know that these are the seven days that shook the world. The entire history of humanity was changed, and in one short week the redemption of mankind was finally accomplished. The destruction of the pagan world began, and the foundations were laid for the structure of the Church. Once more we are face to face with the seemingly overwhelming task of preaching a love that would and could not let go, strong in its humility, infinite in its wisdom, willing to suffer all evil for the sake of all good — a love greater than life and death and as eternal as God."