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"Dear Brother: Last summer more than a hundred of the brethren gathered on our campus for a day in order to discuss the present program and the future plans of the University. In the course of the discussion some of us who work here presented a number of facts and ideas which were somewhat surprising to the men assembled at the meeting. They unanimously felt that a more regular report concerning some of the activities and plans of the University should be presented to our brethren in the ministry. They also decided that this report should often contain things which are merely referred to in our University Bulletin and elsewhere, and that it should be a very personal and direct report to the brethren concern ing the problems and opportunities which we have at the University and their relation to the work in our parishes. We now have students from almost one thousand congregations and their training is very important to all of us. In addition, it was felt that now and then some ideas appear here on the campus or elsewhere which should be conveyed to the brethren for whatever they may be worth."