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"My Dear Brother:

If my records are correct, It has been a year since I have Invaded your privacy with these random comments. As I look back and try to discover why I should have neglected one of my most pleasant duties, I find that the answer lies In "meetings." It seems to be a curious mark of the Church of the twentieth century that we must confer with each other at the least possible provocation. The air Is full of meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops — and so forth. We run from one to the other trying to make at least a minor contribution to the subjects under discussion. About thirty years ago when this trend first began In our own communion I remember that my Grandfather Hueschen, accustomed to the quietness and solitude of Perry County, said to me; "Ihr versammelt euch noch In den HImmel hineln." I have seen no evidence of this yet, but I have an Idea that he was fundamentally right."