Strain-Dependent Relationship Between Growth Rate and Hyphal Brancing in Nuerispora Crassa

Michael K. Watters
Erik Lindamood
Margaret Meunich
Ryan Vetor


In a previous study of branch frequency in Neurospora crassa focused on the wild-type, no relationship between growth rate and the frequency of hyphal branching was observed. In subsequent experiments, it became clear that while this independence is valid for the wild type and most mutant strains, it fails to hold for a subset of morphological mutants. This study distinguishes a subset of Neurospora morphological mutants for their morphological response to altered growth rate. Growth rates are altered using two different methods: reduced temperature and nutrient-deficient media. This should assure that the observed effect is not due to simple conditional mutations in the mutant strains examined. The observed effect provides an additional method for characterizing morphological mutants. It also provides support for models of branching in which control of branching is tightly linked to mechanisms of tip growth