Most Recent Additions


Spectroscopic Studies of Brooker’s Merocyanine in Zeolite L
Kelsey L. Weber, Benjamin Henning, and Thomas Dabertin


Covering Arrays and Fault Detection
Brooke LeFevre and Emily Anderson


Network Classification and Inferencing
Sammantha K. Nowak-Wolff, AnnaLee Knapp, and Charles Morris Jr.


Modeling the Kinetics for the Electrolytic Oxidation of Manganese (II, III) Oxide
Daniel Kotfer, Carol Larson, Robert Palumbo, Shahin Nudehi, and Jonathan Schoer


Using E. Coli to Incorporate Fluorescent Unnatural Amino Acids into Proteins
Alyson Kneusel, Bayland Brown, Amy Gunter, Claire C. Mammoser, Thomas Goyne, and Laura Rowe


Iron Enhanced Rain Garden
Rebecca F. Valliere


Solar Reduction of Cobalt Oxide Particles: Rotary Kiln Reactor Model and Experimental Results
Jesse R. Greenhagen, Jack D. Hoeniges, Samantha J. Kopping, and Luke J. Venstrom


Exploring the Presence of Microplastics In Salt Creek
Tiffany M. Tyler and Troy J. Janesheski


A Computational Study of Transition Metal Clusters for Dehydrogenation Catalysis
Michal Scherer-Berry, Nathanael Juliot, and Stan Zygmunt


Screening for Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporation in Cellular Machinery
Claire C. Mammoser, Amy J. Gunter, and Bayland Brown


Screening for Genes Important for Cold Acclimatization in Neurospora crassa
Michael K. Watters, Holly Howell, and Victor Manzanilla

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