Most Recent Additions


Facing the Unborn
Richard Stith


Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: Reaction Mechanism of Cobalt Oxidation
William Prusinski, Joshua Grade, and Daniel Kotfer


Estimating Joint Contributions in Function Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention using Motion Capture and OpenSim: A Preliminary Study
Alexander Kozlowski, Rebekah Koehn, Lauren Knop, Kelly Helm PhD, Luis Prato PT, Anthony Levenda MD, and Craig M. Goehler PhD


Water Quality in the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed
Brittany M. Barkus, Hannah M. Tomten, Jordan P. Delorenzo, and Yugoviandi P. Mamahit


Team Maggot: Designing a Better Bait Cup
Kristi Bugajski, Victoria Tamburrino, Christopher Henning, and Jordan Corsolini


Network Visualization Project
Brittany Reynolds, Karl Schmitt, Erin Moore, and Ralucca Gera

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