The larynx is one of the organs that is usually involved in the tumor growth in the head and neck region and it is the second site of malignant neoplasia of the respiratory tract after the lungs. It is a well-known fact that larynx cancer is more often present in male population, with a ratio of 3:1 male/female because of the higher rate of tobacco and alcohol use. The issues related to total laryngectomy are the loss of voice, swallowing rehabilitation, reeducation of breathing through the tracheostomy, psychological alterations and social pressure. Women tend to be more affected by the presence of the tracheostomy, since general physical aspect is a major concern for modern women. Also, the emotional status of women is a plays a major role for the adherence to the therapy plan. The response to total laryngectomy by men and women is similar with slight differences in physical aspect and social reinsertion.

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