Submissions from 2016


Identifying Terrorist Affiliations Through Social Network Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques, Govand A. Ali

Submissions from 2015

Informant Discrepancy in Trauma Reporting among Juvenile Offenders and their Parents, Rose E. Clapper, Agata Freedle, Lindsay Hrebic, Samantha Schmidt, Jaqueline Garcia, and Amanda D. Zelechoski

The Effect of an Antenatal Intervention on Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy, Intent, and Breastfeeding Initiation Rates Among Inner City Adolescents, Jamie L. El Harit

Effective Time-Management as a Strategy towards Self-Regulation and Learning, Michael George

Stack View, Jamal O. Mohammed and Bradford Lee Eden

Effects of Multimodal Fever Education on Parents of Febrile Children, Teresa S. Parkhouse


Who Should Parent? Parenting Fitness as Determined by the Five-factor Personality Module, Lydia Seifner

Kawergosk, Sarhang Sherwany and Saddam Al-Zubaidi

The Effects of an Evidence-Based Food Allergy Management Plan to Keep Children with Food Allergies Safe at School, Scarlet R. Spain

The Effect of Education on Compassion Fatigue as Experienced by Staff Nurses, Katie Zehr


Website for Forever Young, Liang Zhao

Submissions from 2014


Oil Prices and the Impact of Rising Economies, Metasebia Tabor